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95 TRX 400 Should I buy it ?

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I looked at it today, it runs good trans works fine, frame is in good shape and fairly new tires. The motor was supposed to have been rebuilt last summer, plus it has a fresh warn winch.

The problems I found are; no brakes at all, sloppy shifter, steering is easy to the right a little tight to the left. some electrical issues. (mostly lighting)

All plastic is intact but dull stickers pretty much worn through on the tank. The seat is faded and has one or two small rips.

The guy selling it said he had a lift done, I don't know how much it's nothing drastic and it also had a locker installed.

He wants $2,500.00
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It's hard to recommend to buy or not on a used bike that I haven't seen or don't know the history on. I am very pleased with mine but I have done a lot of work on it as it was not maintained before I bought it.
Brake problem can be as simple as worn pads and shoes or improper adjustment. However it can get expensive if everything is seized up and you have to replace parts or better yet upgrade to discs.
Tightening the shift lever on the shaft and adjusting the clutch (if the adjuster is not seized) should take care of the sloppy shifting.
Steering should require equal effort in both directions. Check for bent or worn parts.
Lighting is very easy to fix or upgrade as long as the stator and regulator are working fine.
Plastic that old (especially red) will be dull but easy to get shiny for a while with cleaners. New stickers cost about $80.00 a set but will wear on the sides in no time if you stand alot when you ride. Seat cover is easily replaced.
My lift and springs haven't caused any problems and a locker would be awesome to have.
Find out why the motor was rebuilt and how bad the brake problem is and use this to neg the price.
Good Luck!
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I am going to buy it. what do you think top speed is ? How do you adjust the clutch?
Mine will hit 47mph with a lot of extra weight on board. Clutch adj is covered here.....<a href="" target="_blank"> ... adjustment</a>
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