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90% Trail 10% Mud

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I have 26 in. Mudlites on my Rincon. I'm looking for a tire that is more of a trail tire. Something light, that won't rob to much power. Friends have suggested Maxxis Bighorns. Any suggestions?
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i hear ITP 589s are a good all around good tire
i looked hard at the bighorns because they are suppose to be very tough tires. i decided against them though because of their weight. instead i purchased itp xtr radials. very nice tires. i have had them on for a year and just returned from the paiute trail. my only complaint is that while fooling around on oem tires, you can easily kick the rear end out on corners. the xtrs get such great traction that the initial tendency is to go up on 2 wheels instead of sliding. it is more driving style than anything else but with oem tires, i could just sit there and slide all over the place. no flats or leaks and they dig in well under the conditions i ride, trails, rocks, mud, snow, sand.
You may want to check out the Swamplites . They are a lighter tire with pretty good traction . Alot of people seem to really them .
I agree with shooterman. I have Mudlite Xtr's and they are a great trail tire. They get loads of grip on all surfaces; hard pack, loose dirt, stones, mud, and pavement. They also ride fairly smooth on pavement considering how agressive they are. I did consider Bighorns but could not get past the weight issue.
my swamplites are a great trail tire and perform well in the mud also....thats my suggestion for you
bighorns or mudlite xtrs
My husband runs Swamplights on his Rancher. They seem to do well. If your lookin or something light and inexpensive you might want to look at some dirtdevils. A girl we ride with has them on her Rubicon and they do well too. Possibly look at Mudbugs too.
love my swamp lites and i go everywhere everyone else does and we all run a lot of different tires from xtr,mudlite,589,vampires,and outlaws.
you might want to look at the ITP Terracross radial.It's a super lightweight radial made for trail use.I'm more than likely going to go that route very soon as i just destroyed one of my swamp fox tires on a ride today....I somehow peeled a complete tread lug right off the tire casing and it's showing bare cords.......the rocks were very big and sharp,big as in the size of atv's and it was crawlin time.
swamp lites ware way to fast on the trail, XTRs are a good tire but BigHorns complent the rincons suspension set up.
Check out the Carlisle ACT or ACT XLR's if you want a bigger lug. The regular (.75") ACT's (All Conditions Tire) come as the up option on the Can-Am's and after trying my Dad's new 800 with them, I ordered a set of the 1.25" lug XLR's. If they ride anywhere close as well as the regular ACT's, I will love them and the traction is fantastic for a guy like me who only gets in the mud 3 or 4 times a season.
i run good year mudd runner tires and have very good luck with them they clean well and grip rocks and the nasty mud , but to bad my 2000 foutrax 300 wasnt 4x4
heres a pic
one more from the side
and one of the whole bike
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