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9.5" or 12" Outlaws??

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Ok, so I have decided to get outlaws, 27's to be exact. I know that everyone is getting the 9.5's up front and the 12's in the back. I have seen a brute force that has 29.5's on it but he put 9.5's all the way around. I know with trucks some people like tall skinny tires because they clam to dig down easier than wide tires. I guess it would be easier for my foreman to turn 9.5's than 12's to. He's bike has been the only one I have seen in person that has that set up. Does anyone have any ideas or opinions on this?? Iam not planning on competing or anything like that, just some good old mud riding. Thanks for any help!!
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IMO the foreman will need the wide tires in the back to help push the bike through the mudholes and ruts. All the one's I know that are running skinny tires all around are using them to run the mugbogs. The wide tires will float some bikes and keep them from touching bottom.
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