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6" lift

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me and railroader got to see one up close on a rincon man that thing was huge it was awsome it had 28" muddzillas and still had tons of room nutts!
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why does only the administrator get the cool smileys?
QUOTE ("deadmullet":3jz3plsw)
why does only the administrator get the cool smileys?
I found that one on the net, and linked it.
We all know what happened to my camera. That lift was
definately unique. I believe it coulda ran 35 inch tires.
have pics ha ha now who your smileys makin fun of huh rob huh.....i'm not not me.....shut up smiley shut uuuppp.....ahhhhh
wow, ok im impressed, good work Nate!
Hey Rob time to step up

that is when your bike is working again
if I had something that tall, I know I would tip it over way to much, I have a hard enough time keeping mine on all fours, I would surely drown myself on something like that.
Nate, where did you git those pictures at?
i want mine to look like that sign me up
MUDLIGHTS ??????????
QUOTE ("bnjeep":2uyudaxj)
MUDLIGHTS ??????????
hey you leave carl out of this ...just kidding they are 28" said they did it because rincin has a haard time with 29.5 but i think it would be fine and man it would look nasty
theres a couple Rincons here with 29.5s, they are mean looking.
You can stick with 28's just go with a mudzilla or outlaws, I don't know it just doesn't makes sense to me, to each his own.
That look sweet
Wow, that is a nice rincon.
QUOTE ("bnjeep":hnma3j4l)
MUDLIGHTS ??????????

The reason is that most think the rinny will not spin anything heavier than a mudlight. From what I am hearing. The new rincon gear sets from gorilla are said to put more torque on the ground w/29.5's than ANY other bike MADE.
That is what I figured, I just can't see lifting one that big when you can't or won't run a bigger tire or at least more aggresive.
who on here has a rinny on 29.5 laws? show your pics.
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