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just wondering whats been going on at 5a anyone dare to ride with the hunters?
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Good question, I miss that place.
still can't cross the canal yet. the playground is the only area we can ride until late january
i so wannna ride i might have to let dano take a look at my bike
why not bring it in for warranty?
QUOTE ("Robb":1o2n3lr2)
why not bring it in for warranty?
cause they will just look at it and laugh!!! you should try another dealership....??
Travis did you buy that thing at SPS?
Ahh just turn on some charm and sweet talk 'em....Works every time!
went out there today to check it out in my truck...its real wet!!

This is the playground before moose pond, the little island is barely there anymore!

Moose Pond

The dirty truck

Couple more in my gallery here
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WHOO HOO! Oh man...can we ride out there already?!?!?!
looks like i have a bike to fix this week!
My buddy was out there this weekend and he said there were people riding all over. I'll be out there on thursday, i'll report back.
hey robb how did your truck do? looks like you got it a little dirty.
QUOTE ("Vaughn":30pvzd6t)
hey robb how did your truck do? looks like you got it a little dirty.
I didnt really get carried away with it, I just cruised around, but it did good, i didnt take it in anything real bad, did go through a hole that put water a few inches up the windshield though.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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