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589 mt's

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I just had an offer for a set of 27x9x12 and 27x11x12 with half tred for one George Washington. Are they worth buying and putting up to have an extra set?
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they are a descent all around tire, not to bad of a deal if you are in need for tires. I have done deals like this and changed my mine about using them, they where hard to get rid of.
That's kinda what I was thinking too. Why else would he want to get rid of them so cheap? He said they had no holes or plugs in them, but I don't really need them anyway.
I love mine, I don't think there is better all around tire. The only reason why I want to get rid of mine is because I want a more aggresive tire. They do well in the mud but the outlaws and zillas will just walk all over them. I would sell mine but not for $100 if I can't sell them I'll keep them and put them on my stock rims. I would jump all over that deal
yeah i would jump on that because thats what i have now but in a 26 and want 27's but cant find a deal like that anywhere!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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