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When you have to take the boot off the front axles, can you reuse the bands that hold them on or do you have to get more. Would a big tie strap hole it on?
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the honda cv bands can be reused a couple of times before they start to break.
I myself would not take the chance of damaging a couple hundred dollars part due to a failed 2 dollar clamp. Get a new one. Be sure to clean the contact surfaces well before installing it.
Of course if you are stuck you can reuse the old one but it is always better to play it safe.
My opinion and not ment to demean anyone.
i agree, its way to easy to just get another little band
i agree, its way to easy to just get another little band
hose clamps work good too and can be reused
hose clamps work good too and can be reused
let me ask all yawl this question, when you take the axle down for repairs, do you replace all the other locking clips as well? I would think not. Yes these are cheap parts, but if you inspect them before reuseing them, you can tell if they need to be replaced or not. Just my opinion. I have never had a reused cv band brake, come loose or cause problems.
The c.v. bands are expensive at the dealer.About $20 I paid for 2 bands.Are there places to buy cheaper ones? I was working on a 1987 350 Foreman (straight front axle)and regular hose clamps wouldn't work,not enough clearance.
Yooper I picked these up from harbor freight and have used them on all sorts of things and they have held up good. They are made of stainless and a selflocking band, A banding tool is needed, which HF doesn't carry.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... mber=93403</a>

here is one of the tools that will work.
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Thanks Dirty4man,I think I'll give Harbor Freight a call.I already have that same c.v. band tool,bought it at a garage sale.
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