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502 foreman

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Did anyone read about the 502 foreman, while the wife was talking to a freind in the wally world I picked up a fourwheeler mag and started reading about a new engine kit that makes the 475 a 502. Now I don't remember what mag it was.
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It's in the ATV Action November issue. That Thumper 502 kit liits pretty sweet. I might consider doin that for only $330 bucks.
that sounds pretty good. I plan on bbk when I get her paid off!!LOL
yes i have the mag here it is in atv action..... your stock bore is 92mm and a stroke of 71.5mm. The compression ratio is 9.25 to 1 the kit changes that to 94mm bore and a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio my question is this they say that they give you the piston, rings,clips and pin........But do you have to get your cylinder bored to accomadate the 94mm new piston or will it fit ? I think that this might be my next upgrade too
They said that they had no overheating problems while they were testing it and that where they did test it it was 103 degrees in the shade and 111 in the sun they said that they used 93 octone fuel and a 20w50 oil
talked to a buddie of mine that owns a chopper shop and he said that if you bore out the sleeve with out changing it, your gonna run into over heating problems. he would recommend just upgrading the pistion or put in a set of hot cams. he said those would be the best bang for the buck without any cooling issues.
i read the issue and they said they didnt have any problems with it over heating, but i live in LA the "capital of humidity" and i beat the crap out of my bike. how they tested their test bike, i dont know. but i'm pretty sure it wasnt how i drive mine, or at the same altitude, with the same humidity.

just food for thought !!!!
you make a cam and i' will buy it hoss
yeah me too but i havent found a cam out for them
also, no one makes a high compression piston either, other than wiseco with the 94mm in the thumper kit
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