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500ES Electrical Problem??

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On another sites forum it was said that the ES has electrical problems when wet, is there any truth to this?? If so is there a simple fix like silicone or something to help waterproof? I have a foot shift on my Cat right now but would really like to get something with a thumb shift so my leg can stay out of mud/water.
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My wife Jennifer has the ES & has not had one single problem out of
it. She lives in the mud & water with it.
This is ES and has never had a problem. This is how I ride constantly along with everyone else on the board. Go for it. No problems.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ep_802.wmv</a>
If your worried about water getting in your electrical systems, put dielectric grease on all of them, it will keep the water out!
My foreman and rincon are constantly underwater and have never had any probs out of the ES
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