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500 vs 29.5s

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how are the 29.5s treating the 500s, what problems have yall had. any broken cvs? bearing life? ill be getting me a 500 at the end of this year and i wanna run either 29.5s or EDLs
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29.5s are going to shorten the life of your ball joints, bearings, CV joints, axles, and anything else to do with steering.

I'm waiting to see what kind of problems come up with the Power Steering Foremans when people start putting lifts and tires on them...
anyone running EDLS

i run edls on all four it nice with a jet kit and pipe turns them good other then that it ur choice but edls dig quickly if u heavy on the throttle was debating on puttin 29.5 on my bike but i dont know what im gonna do but the edls impresed me a bunch
Robb is running 29.5's..........

Go for it, Honda's are going to hold up the best. If you break axles you get to put some Gorilla's on.....
Do you have any pictures of your bike with EDL's biglou?
ill probably end up with EDLs cuz 29.5s cost too much, maybe some 28 laws but i doubt it cuz if the ride EDLs ride way too good

dont have a camera plus bike in the shop ill try to get some for the future but looks impressive with th 2in lugs

some people on here that i ride with have seen it only prob is that there narrow in the back they need to make a 28 12 12 edl for the rear
I have run 2 different types (swamplites & outlaws) of 29.5s with no problems at all.
28x12 EDLS would destroy drivetrains across the land

but they need them wider in my opinion
yea they could at least make them a true 10" wide
Anytime you put big tires on it has an affect. But it also hugely depends on how you ride it/treat it.

I have 27's on mine, and with 500 miles I've had no problems whatsoever, and I don't expect to, being it's a Honda.

I was having a little trouble with my idle speed varying recently, but it sort of corrected itself.
anyone running EDLs w/ pics
here is mine with edls on the front im running the vampires 27x12x12's on the rear if youlook at my sig though i did have to go to gorilla axels with them but no problems so far with the gorillas........ i also dont have a lift either also the 27's on the rear blow up to a 28 inch tire so there isnt any lean
anyone running 28 laws?? how do they ride compared to like the 26 laws i know they were pretty rough dont know about the larger ones if they ride any better
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