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500 snorkle

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Is it possible to have the Air snorkle to come out of the rear , side or bottom of the airbox and then go out the rear of the bike opposite the exhaust. I was reading the last post and just started thinking.
I guess it would be pretty easy to make a plug for the stock hole in the airbox. and then pop another hole where it would be easiest to go aft.
tell me what yall think.
You could probly get a threaded 2"pvc fitting and a rubber gasket to go into a new hole you could cut with a holesaw.
And make it look like duel exhaust out the back.
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but thwe first thing that happens when u go in water is the rear of the bike goes down then if your in deep stuff you start to water wheelie thats just makes the snorkel closer to the water just my .02
It may be an easier way, but like mentioned before the first time you water wheelie or the bike's rear end sinks you will suck in water.
I know a guy who did that on another bike, and that is exactly what happened, I would suggest it out of the front my .02
experience beats out engineers everyday,, back to the drawing board
trying not to cut the plastics, huh? Its hard to do to a brand new machine
but worth it when done.thats my.05

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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