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500 smoking

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i went ride yesterday and at first i seen a lil smoke, but i fugured it was from gas cuz i jsut rejetted my bike and figured it was running a lil rich, well as the day went on it got worse and now smokes failry bad but only on half to full throttle, not a puff just idling or slight throttle. bike has never been sunk and oil looks fine what could this be from?
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i noticed the same thing today at about 3/4 throttle..i'm thinking mine is just a little rich..but i'm gonna watch my oil and see if the level goes down..
how many miles are on you bike?
Black smoke may indicate a rich condition.

Blue/white may indicate oil being burned. (motor probs)
i found out mine was just where i had been riding in a pond and the pipe and engine being wet caused condensation..once it dried out today i've not had any more problems..
not sure on miles but it has only like 60 hrs
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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