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500 rubicon

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im planning on putting on 27x10x12 front 27x11x12 mud lites or the 14inch rim instead of the 12inch rim.any suggestions.also should i lift kit it and/or put a clutch kit in it.and how much will this clutch kit other thing is it just me or is my 02 rubicon a real work out to steer,is there any tips i can do to help this.thanks and also what are the best lift kits and clutch kits 2 buy and also wheres a good web site to buy these items
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I would think that the reason its so hard to turn is because you can't turn the 4 wheel drive off.....that makes a big difference when it comes to something like shouldn't need a lift kit and clutch kit just to put those tires on there....the 500 should be able to turn that size tire with no problem
i have the warn 424 selector too take it out of 4 wd into 2wd
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