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500 Jetting...

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I just put the DJ170 in the bike seems to not rev up all that smooth, but I didnt try for very long, its a little loud for the neighborhood What are other people running for jets in the 500s. I got the HMF, snorkel and k&n. Thanks.
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ok so heres the question ..
did you guys notice a power gain with the jet kit?
i put mine in - tried different jets and all, noticed a little bit of power gain,
but unreal fuel comsumtion! i mean like WOW ! drank more than me !!
its back to stock jetting with the K&N.
just wondering what other peoples results were.
i came to the conclusion that it was WAYY to much fuel for the very minor power increase.
on my rancher ir worked great, wasnt too happy with the kit on the foreman though.
what jet do you have in ?
my fuel economy is nothing short of GREAT stock.
i can run forever on a tank, doesnt seem to be lean either.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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