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500 Jetting...

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I just put the DJ170 in the bike seems to not rev up all that smooth, but I didnt try for very long, its a little loud for the neighborhood What are other people running for jets in the 500s. I got the HMF, snorkel and k&n. Thanks.
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I run the DJ170 also. Mines fine. Maybe you have some dirt in your carb. Also another buddy of mine has the pipe and jet and his bike seems really sluggish. Mine was that way also but seemed to wake up at around 170 miles.
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":p6yrfryw)
such a big jet my rubicon only uses a 158 hmf k&n and big 2'1/2 inch snorkel
The reason is that the new motor has a hemispherical combustion chamber. A HEMI HEAD. It flows alot of air and fuel.
Robb did you get your problem solved?????.... I found something interesting about my buddies 500 foreman... He had his bike dynoed and he has the DJ kit,UNI, and the supertrapp.... Hid bike made 12 hp at the wheels on dyno and the mixture was way out of whack.... So upon further investigation it turned out that DJ had sent the wrong needle.. which that tore up the needle seat inside the carb and that is why the bike ran so sluggish.. They installed a new seat and correct needle and the bike picked up just over 4 HP.. finishing at 16.4HP at the rear wheels. The price was stiff though...A $50 dollar dyno run turned into $435..OUCH. But the bike runs perfect now... Now he just needs to learn to ride it LOL... He sunk it the next day.. Carb is full of muddy water..OH well.
Oh and I forgot to tell the his bike is snorkled and the the dyno people ended up installing a 190 main jett.... Holy crap. that is huge..
Yeah thats what I said 190..WOW
Yeah thats probably what it is...I just sounded so big when you had just bought a DJ kit
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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