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500 Jetting...

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I just put the DJ170 in the bike seems to not rev up all that smooth, but I didnt try for very long, its a little loud for the neighborhood What are other people running for jets in the 500s. I got the HMF, snorkel and k&n. Thanks.
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QUOTE ("raveer2000":2a00lv4n)
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":2a00lv4n)
such a big jet my rubicon only uses a 158 hmf k&n and big 2'1/2 inch snorkel
The reason is that the new motor has a hemispherical combustion chamber. A HEMI HEAD. It flows alot of air and fuel.[/quote]
Yeah Travis - so there - I got a HEMI hehe
I got the kit.
I seem to be getting real good fuel economy with mine so far. I know riding with Eurobro, his drinks about twice the gas mine does.
Yeah I got my issues all worked out. The 170jet was it for me, I didnt try anything else. I am going to pull my plug saturday have a look, but i seems to be running good.
A 190 jet, that is massive!!!
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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