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500 in the shop again

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I put my 500 in the shop 6 weeks ago for a front axle and the drive line broke going to the rear. I call and they keep saying your next in line what a joke. I am about fed up but what can i do. This bike is not near as strong as the 450 is. I wish that i would have never gotten rid of my 450.
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If there is another shop in your area I would start by talking to them see if they want your business to get your atv fixed, or contact honda and let them know you just loving going to the shop and sitting on your atv and making vroom vroom noises. Sometimes you get a lemon with new stuff Rubicon3303 had a bunch of trouble with his engine, if I remember right. Might be worth asking him what action he took.

Good Luck and welcome abord
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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