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500 in the shop again

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I put my 500 in the shop 6 weeks ago for a front axle and the drive line broke going to the rear. I call and they keep saying your next in line what a joke. I am about fed up but what can i do. This bike is not near as strong as the 450 is. I wish that i would have never gotten rid of my 450.
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If there is another shop in your area I would start by talking to them see if they want your business to get your atv fixed, or contact honda and let them know you just loving going to the shop and sitting on your atv and making vroom vroom noises. Sometimes you get a lemon with new stuff Rubicon3303 had a bunch of trouble with his engine, if I remember right. Might be worth asking him what action he took.

Good Luck and welcome abord
I would call them several times a day and make myself a nusence (sp) to them, that might help. Of course they might just do crappy work then. But make them understand that you are not afraid to bring it back if if they did something wrong. Just be a pain in the ass
me too

i have the same problem i have had mine in the shopfor 2 months ive been so sick and tired of waiting i went in the shop the other day and had a $100 bill i was going to slip them so they would just start working on it but what a suprize when i walked in the shop they came up to me and said they started working on it yesterday!!!!!!! i was so happy now they just haft to order parts and it will be done soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i never gave him that 100bill
Do you still have that $100 dollar bill??? (Cough,Cough)
what's the deal with the 500's. I thought they were pretty much bullet proof? Sounds like my old Popo
QUOTE ("Eric":ej3i1l7g)
what's the deal with the 500's. I thought they were pretty much bullet proof? Sounds like my old Popo
No issues w/ mine other than a wheel bearing and brake pads.
I was thinking of selling my Rubicon for a 500ES but now not sure.
im a few shy of 1200miles on mine, and its been on the creek since i got it, and mud, and hauling heavy loads i shouldnt have been pulling. and been in some pretty deep ponds. and so far only prob i have had is water in the front and rear diffs. but both were my fault.... so i happy so far.. nothing broke so far... yet.

the only reason mine is always tore up is because i ride very hard and i got 29.5!!!!!!!!!!
My 500 has held up really well, I only have about 700 miles on it, but I have put it through ****, and its running better now,especially after all the mods....knock on wood, ..Iam expecting to replace the bearing,brakes, ect..things like that.. but I hope nothing else breaks...if it does..I guess I will have to go bigger
Yall ever thought about what we are doin? Go and Pay $6000 for a atv and put all kindof stuff on it then see how much mud and water we can go through? its crazy! but fun!
haha, so true!

its like them more performance parts i put on my 4wheeler the more parts i break!!
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