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500 Foreman rear storage

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Does any body still have the gasket for the rear storage box in place. Mine fell out a while ago, not sure where. Just wondering if any one had the same problem. I only keep straps back there, so I don't mind if water gets in, but it fills up with sand too.
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I still have my gasket but it doesnt help. first sign of water and it seems to get in there. I drilled holes in the bottom of the box so at least the water has a chance to drain out. before that water would stay in there for days.I just use mine for empties.
Mine also fell out but i have it somewhere. Mine leaked in there even when the seal was in there so no big deal to me.
Mine stayed pretty dry, when the gasket was in place. I guess its good the put a drain plug in them now.
yeai think i did add a hole back there.
I bent the he11 out of my cover so it is a little warped so it doesn't keep water out very well, but it didn't before it was bent. No biggy that is just storage for the straps.
There was a gasket back there?
QUOTE ("raveer2000":ivz5tlia)
There was a gasket back there?
lmao oh yea there was at one time
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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