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500 foreman or grizz 660

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i have a set of 28 inch outlaws and iwas going to put them on a foreman but they say it want pull them stock. and i want to try and stay away from performace mods. but will a grizz have enough power to pull them or will the belt just slip. the belt is why i dont want a grizz but the irs and power makes me want it. what do yall think? please let me know your 2 cents on this!!!!!
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iv got them on mine.. only thing i have done is K&N airfilter and hmf pipe.
They both will turn them. But the grizz will turn them allot better. Also the way I look at it is if the belt slips from the pressure of turning the tires. It probably just saved you from breaking an axel or something worse.
You can build a bad biek out of a grizz, IF you have the cash. But the intial cost is expensive and so is the upgrades. That is why I went with the foreman, they aren't too expensive and they will last forever.
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