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500 foreman on 28"s

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looks great!!
how wide are those back tires, I'd like to put 28/10.5 outlaws on mine all the way around if the back would clear them
They are the 10's in front 12's in back they still got like 15 psi in them
Good deal, i wander if i could fit 28/10.5 outlaws all the way around, I've got 27 10s and 12s vamps now
I'm sure you could prolly run the 10.5 all around and you would be able to pull them better to! This is mine with 27" outlaws 10'sfront 12's rear and it rubed on the back fender right behind the floor boards but its nuthin that a good sharp razor knife cant handle!
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Why did u switch tires
I dont do enough just balls to the wall mud riding to have outlaws! And plus I ride on the road often and outlaws dont last to long on pavement!!! Plus it bogged my fourwheeler down to much!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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