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500 ES

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I'm looking to buy a 500 ES next month and am wondering if 26' 12x12's all the way around will slow it down or hurt it any. Or would 10x12's be better? Thanks for any help!
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The 12s in the front will make it harder to steer. As far as slowing it down it really depends on how aggressie of a tire you choose.
Was thinking about swamp lites maybe 589's.
589s I beleive, are only 11".

Why do you want to be that wide in the front?? If your looking into those tires you are probably not a 100% mudder looking for the floatation. I think you'll be getter off w/ 8-10s in front they are easier on bearings.
This will be my first quad! I don't know anything about it, well not anything but little. I just want the same all around. What would be a good size for all around. I will do some mudding but not 100% of the time. Maybe 60/40 or so(40 being in the mud).
If you want the same on all 4 corners, go with 10s.
10s sound good to me! How much wider will that be on the front from stock?
Stock is 25x8 front and 25x10 Rear.
Ok so 26x10x12, 26 is the height, 10 width, and 12 is the radius right? Just like car and truck wheels? So I can get Type 7 - 12" 4/110 F/R Black for the front and Type 7 - 12" 4/110 Rear Black for the back and 26x10x12 Swamp Lites all the way around and be ok.
Yes. I assume you are getting this out of a catalog or website.F/R meaning Front (or front and rear for an IRS machine).
Tires matter when it comes to IRS?
the only reason why on a sra you can have larger tires in the back is for increades traction, they do not have the flex like and irs has and thus makes it alot differnt. a car is SRA yet you have 4 of the same set of tires. It really doesn't matter. get a radial tire if you want the best ALL ROUND preformance!
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":2un7oe91)
Tires matter when it comes to IRS?
Tires do not really matter on the IRS vs SRA, I was refering to the offset of the wheels. IRS bike basically use 4 Front wheels (same offset). While the SRA uses different offsets front and rear.
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