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is it common for the 450 to strip the front drive shaft?
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it's not a commom problem, the driveshalf couplings and boots need to be inspected often and grease aleast once a year. A injection needle with outboard grease will work fine. The o-rings tend to dry out on the driveshaft boots with age allowing mud and water to get inside the boots washing the grease out of the them. With no grease in the couplings, medal on medal is not going to last very long.
do i have to worry about gresseing the cv boots if my bike hasnt been ridin through deep mud or water. and it only has 56 hours on it.
do you think i sould do it?
the cv boots are sealed ... you dont have to grease them. the only way you have to grease them is if you tear one
I wouldn't do this ..... but i've heard of some guys that will use a needle(grease needle) and give an injection every so often into the boots , the reason for this is to keep fresh grease , but also pushes water out , apparentely these are guys that are always in the water!!! Anybody ever heard of this ?? or comment from ur own experience? ..thanks
Yes this is a common pratice for mud riders, the mud and water will fine its way into any opening. This is what I use to apply grease into the tie-rod ends, driveshaft and ball joint boots. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... or_dlx.htm</a> There is enough room to slide the needed between the rubber seal of the boots. Any Wal-Mart should have this style injector on the shelfs.
Oh , no sh!t,, i use the grease needles . sometimes you a nipple half siezed or hard to reach , it's fits at the end of your grease gun . But thanks Turkey greaser ... neat... good idea .
Grit has gotten into the protective boot on the drive shaft and striped it on ya there, D-VO. I had to replace the one on the 400 for the same reason, remember. If your gonna replace it you may aswell go with the Warn 424.
when i ride with is normaly 2 times a month 10 hrs each trip i spend about 90% time in the water and i have never had water in my cv's i check them from time to time and all is good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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