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4x4 will not engage

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the front tires will not engage. the light on the dash still works as if nothing is wrong. problem started yesterday at redcreek but i did not hear any sounds of something breaking front end never made a sound just stopped working
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Mine did that it was a connection that was dirty, cleaned and greased it and it was fine. It had something to do with the machine not knowing if the front tires were spinning the same as the back tires
An 03 should flash a problem code .. Does your 4X4 light not flash when it doesn't engage ..?

2 flashes = FFC speed sensor
3 flashes = meter speed sensor
4 flashes = system voltage
5 flashes = FCC unit driver
6 flashes = alternator
where was the connection located, and its name. thanks
no problem code, the 4x4 light works as if the 4x4 was engaging
Mine was giving me 3 flashes and it was the connection into the main computer thing under the front plastic.

I probably would try disconecting the pos battery side and then see if that resets anything, you may also want to check the voltage and continuity in the clutch speed senser and the FCC But I am just telling you where I might start

Honda Mechanic may have a little more insight to you problem
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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