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4X4 or 4X2...When?

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A debate has come up between me and some of the guys I ride with and I would like to get your opinion... When your out riding trails do you use 4-wheel drive all the time or just turn it on when you feel it is needed..
I like to keep it in 4-wheel drive when I'm on the trail and turn it off when I hit flat roads. When I'm in the tough stuff I like how the breaking works when it is in 4WD. I guess it's up to the rider... Just wanted to hear what ya'll think...
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I ride in 2 wheel drive unless I am comming up to a sticky spot, then stick in 4 wheel drive. I like to see what I can make it through in 2 wheel drive sometimes too. But I know what you mean about the breaking.... I too like how it brakes in 4 wheel drive.
2wd. everyone we ride with will do 2wd till they need it. if you leave it in 4wd you will have excess wear and tear, i think.
i used to be ride all the time in 4wd except when i was on the roads, but taht was also when i was new to riding...and i still am fairly new. but i have gotten better and now i ride in 2wd all the time until i feel i need 4wd since its easier to powerslide in 2wd . like everyone else i also like the 4wd engine braking.
2wd unless more is needed. When moving around corners, I like to hit the gas around a corner to slide in a thighter turn and doing it in 4wd will not do the same affect. Very seldome use 4wd myself.
i only use 4wd when i can go no further in 2wd
I use 2WD all the time. I dont need the front tires spinning
2WD all the time for me too....I'll put it in 4WD if the trail starts to look nasty.
I only use 4 wd when the trail gets hairy or a hill is massive...
I tend to only use 4wd once I cant get through in 2wd anymore. I find it more interesting to see just where you can get before you need it
Barely use 4wd. In trails the laws tend to bite and grab everything up front when in 4wd. If i'm stuck in 2wd i'm usually stuck in 4wd.
2WD 95% of the time on trails only using 4WD when it looks like 2WD would be hopeless OR if i'm riding alone and don't want to take the chance of getting stuck in 2WD in a tough spot.....put it in 4, light comes on, let 'er rip!
When you ride in 4 x 4 alot, the front drive shafts get grass and stuff around them. If you ride in 2 wheel drive it really makes a difference. I ride 2x4 unless i think i need the front wheel assist.
I ride mostly in 2wd,and when I get into bad mud,or a difficault climb,I put it in 4wd....
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