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4x4 light flashing?

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my 4x4 light flashed today, what does that mean?
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I cycled the key and 4X4 was working again.
Should i bring it in for warranty Or what?
Last night my 4x4 quit working while I was out breaking some new trails through the snow. The light is blinking 5 times between pauses. I'm still waiting for my bike to thaw out so I havnt had a chance to do any snooping around. Any ideas what went this code means?
5 flashes is a ECM thing (engine control module). I got the same thing plowing snow once. It was from a run down battery. I use a battery tender or bring my battery inside during winter so it has a good charge when i need it.
Thanks, I actually found my problem once I got the bike thawed out. A stick actually broke the wires. It must have been in the snow when I was breaking trails. Snapped a wire or two going to the diff.
wow. dam the luck ... hope you get it fixed before you feel like playing again.
Looks like I should be able to just strip the wires back a little and solder them back together. I'll know more once I get it tore down so I can get at them.
You'd think that they make it so it default to 4x4 if you broke a wire
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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