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4x4 light blinking

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Hello I had seen this before on this sight the cause of the 4x4 light blinking but at the time did not know which amount of blinks mine was doing.

any way last week I had the machine out 2002 Honda Foreman 450S, and when going from 2x4 to 4x4 my light blinks 3 times and then stays off. I then shut the machine down and start back up with the switch in 4x4 and it then will lock into 4x4 but this is becoing an increasing pain to due.

I had seen the listing for the blinks and the codes at one point but never though to copy it down wondering if somebody could post that listing for me again as I have time this weekend to due a little work on the machine.

thanks again

Sublime out
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Code #3 is Meter speed sensor -- Meter speed sensor or related wire harness or FCC unit
i have had mine due that and i took the meter speed sensor out and cleaned it and put it back seems to work fine since then..
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