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4wd to 2 wd

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when you switch between 4wd and 2wd do you have to stop and then switch, or can you be moveing while you switch? i have always stoped put it in nutral but i gets old haveing to stop when i want to switch. I was just wondering if it would hurt it?
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dam that was quick. another question would it be a good idea for me to switch while im still on the gas or sould i let of the butten the switch?
SHIFT ON THE FLY BUD!!! I would not be on the gas but you can be moving!
thanks for the help. i guess i won't be stopping no more
Just let off the gas, switch, and back on the gas. Make sure the light comes on first!
thanks i will do that
I have wondered that. The owners manual doesn't say anything about it. I have always just slowed down and then shift, but this makes it easier hearing this.
same here I allwayed stoped this will make it easer
Switch in or out at any speed. Just back off the throttle and be sure all wheels are turning at the same speed. That is don't shift when the rear tires are spinning and ideally the fronts should be pointed straight ahead.
Just like H4 said, shift it on the fly as long as you have no wheel spin. I have done this since new with no problems.
My dealer told me to shift 2wd/4wd only "when under 5mph." I was curious as to what others have been told or what the manual says, if anything.
I agree! I would keep it under 5 MPH when shifting 2wd to 4wd. I shift back and forth while moving all the time with no problems, however, I have found that when shifting back from 4wd to 2wd I have to let off the gas before the light will go out. I always shift while at a constant speed, never accelerating.
You can shift at any speed but it will only engage or disengage at speeds under 5 mph
Deadmullets right it only engages at low speeds. You will see the 4wd light come on.
it will engage at a faster speed than 5mph, you just have to have your front and rear tires moving at the same speed, otherwise it will not work, imagine if it did though,,, ouch

drew is right, if you switch from 2 to 4wd and the light doesn't come on...tap the front or rear brakes a few times and the tire speeds will usually match and engage the 4wd.

and that's a fact jack....

honda's rock
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