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4man keep cuttin out???

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when i first start it its kind of cold natured and needs to be warmed up then runs fine but il ride it fer about a hour or two and wash it (after lettin it cool down fer 5 min) and ill crank it up and itll run fine fer about a minute then start cuttin out and completly cut out and will not start fer about a hour and a half, its done it three times to me in the last two days once when i was goin threw a canal bout half way up the tire deep another when i washed it off and finally afte i sprayed it with a fire hose at the fire station, i dont think there water getin in the carb or airbox cause airbox is always dry and vent line are rerouted, wat could make this happin please help!!!????
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first off, I would try to stay away from the fire hose. Thats to much pressure, the pressure is going to either make a hole or find one to cause problems.

here are a few things to check and do. grease every electrical plug you can get your hands on with die electrical grease including the sparkplug boot. Plug the carb drain, extend the carb vents up to your pod and check you gas tank vent and make sure you havent filled the stirring stem up with water from the fire hose.

did you check and see if your choke cable was hung
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