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450es or rubicon

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Hi guys, I'm looking for some help in making my decision to buy a 2006 Rubicon. I have a 2000 450es (700 miles), I do mostly trail riding, little mud, and mostly for hunting. I'm thinking of buying a new ATV, or just keeping mine. Can anyone help me, maybe someone who has, or has had a 450 and now has a Rubicon. Thanks.
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Mines not an 06 rubi, but I have and 04 rubi and my dad has the 04 450 es. Both bikes are great. For just trail riding and small amounts of mud I would go with the rubicon. Its almost like a caddy compared to the 450. It's got an extra 50 (not sure on actual numbers, but the rubi is 499), it has a hudge seat, some of the nicest stock wheels, and you never have to worry about shifting if you dont want to on the trail. Only draw backs to the rubi is the all time 4wd (fixed with a 424 or the new models have trax-loc) and having a hudge oil capacity( it holds about the same amount of oil as my car).
The 450 however does have it's advantages. It fits into a truck bed easier (rubicon is longer so it really fills a bed up), less complicated deisgn which makes service easier (which with warranty it wont matter) as well as less potential for failure, more of used parts market place (more people own/ have owned them atleast around here).
I have an '05 Rubicon

With all of the Mountians I ride I really like
the Automatic and still have the ESP for running
up & down the washes and dried up bolder infested

I have over 4300 miles on it now and never an
issue with anything,From temps of 19° to 110°
all I do is ride

I do go a little overboard on the maintance because
of the extreme conditions but I have never been
left to walk
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I'd go with the rubicon for the type of riding conditions your describing..They're great on the trail decent in the mud and quiet which makes it good for hunting...
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