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450ES carb

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I have yet another question, This has been going on for a few wekks and now it's starting to bug me. When i'm out riding and when i goto start playing and pushing the gas pretty quick it stalls out then picks right up. Today i tore the carb down and cleaned it really well, put it back together and it still does it, I know someone on here knows there stuff, what do you think it could be? Oh and my old plug was solid black dry sotty looking, so i put a new one in and rode it mmmm bout 5 miles and it's the same way.

what would you suggest me to do??

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I would start by checking the vent lines on the carb to make sure they are not restricted. Did you pull the mixture screw and needle out when you cleaned the carb, what where the settings? On a stock bike the mixture should be around 2.5 turns out and the needle clip in the middle notch.
not sure on that bro, My friend did it for me!
like dirty said, if all you did was cleaned it then the needle or the fuel mixture screw are proubly messed up but before i tore apart the carb i would check the vent lines. i have seen the fuel misture screw get bumped before while cleaning the carb.
Get a flashlight and look inside of your gas tank, there might some trash in the bottom of it, that is getting in the carb! If you see anything in the bottom of the tank, remove it and flush it out with fresh gas until its clean!
thanks guys, when i get sometime off while there's still light outside i'll check and let you know.
my 450 is doing the same thing, when i get it in the mud and load the tires is bogs real bad in 4wd. but can put it in 2wd and it gets a little better. i have been chasing this problem for awhile. if you find out anything let me know. i am going to swap carbs with a friend and see what mine does.
sounds like to me that your main jet may be too large. i have a 500 and had a 170 jet in it. missed when it was under a load. i went to a 165 jet and it cleared it right up.
see, mine just started this not long ago. And as far as i know the carb is stock..
i agree with the vent line thing when i rerouted mine the first time it got pinched shut and it would bog for a second and after it got straight it would run fine, i unkinked it and it is runnin good today.
Does anyone know to get a carb rebuild kit? One with new gaskets, screws, stock jets, that sort of thing?
yeah, ebay.

this kit has the stock jets, but you can get the dynojet (same as k&n) if you want to re-jet for performance.

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