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im thinking about buying my friends 450 it has 27inch gators and its all stock the only problem is it has bin siting for long time about a year or less its a 2000 or a 2002 dont rember he wants 1500 for it he says the only thing worng is that it needs new gas,oil change,oil filter,new spark plug, and a crab rebild kit. do u think that is a good deal i will be using it for muding but i got my tricked out ranhcer for that so this would be more for my mom or my sis to ride
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One way to tell which year model it is is to check if it is
full time 4wd. If it is, it is a 2000 model. If it has a yellow
thumb switch that switches it from 2wd to 4wd by the right
hand grip, it is a 2002. Also where it says 4x4 on the side
panels it should say Traxlok right below where it says 4x4.
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