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450 won't start

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My wheeler has spark, has compression, gets gas if choked, and timing is dead on. also we just put a brand new battery in it thinking that it had a dead cell, but the wheeler won't start?? does any one have ideas before we have to take it to the honda shop to see if they can find out what is wrong?

any suggestions will be great!
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did you replace the sparkplug?
yes up a brand new one in it, and bike has great spark u can hold plug like 2 inches away, and spark will jump
If you put gas in the plug hole then put it back in then fire it up, does it run at all?
i haven tried that, ill try it and get back to you
Was it running well when you parked it?
Sounds like bad gas or a carburator problem. Remove the carburator and take the bowl off you will probably find a lot of crud in there. If you do clean the carburator and try it again.
When you say the timing is dead on ,how are you checking it? How many miles is on your machine ?
have already had carb totally rebuilt, piston al the way up, and the T was on the arrow. is what my dad said. i havent put gas in spark yet, havent had time. and yes it was running, we had just got it back from the shop, and we ran it to break it in, then then a couple days later wouldnt start.
I guess it wont hurt to ask the obvious question. Is there fuel in the tank?
Is it fresh fuel? and is the fuel valve open? Also is the kill switch in the on position?

I know it sounds dumb, but all of us if we are honest will have to admit that we have overlooked something obviouis only to have some one come along behind us and make us feel foolish.

the most obvious things are what trip us up.
check the plug wire, particularly where it gets close to the frame, could be grounding out by arcing, bad wires will do this, not uncommon.
yes fresh gas, and fuel vavle is open.. bike's kill switch is disabled.
the only other thing i can think of is its either not getting enough compression or the fuel valve is clogged and not letting any gas in the carb.
oo ok, me and my dad r prob gonna work on it this week, and if we cant get it to start we r gonna take it to the honda dealer, and let them work on it.
You said it just came from shop.Take it back before you do any work on it yourself. If you do they might just try to blame the problem on you.Give them a chance to correct the problem.
What about air, is it getting air? All you need is air, compression, fuel, and spark.
thanks yall for the help, me and my dad are taking it in this week. ill get back to yall to tell u what the actual problem was
Hey, did you find the problem? Mine started acting up running like $#!*, backfiring, stalling, etc. etc. I found out the cause too. It was the voltage rectifier. Little thing mounted to the side of the frame behind the right rear tire. Takes 30sec to replace. Mine had a slightly visible fine crack in it. I'm pretty sure plowing was to blame, as I do it at night with the handwarmers and thumbwarmer, all the lights on and use the winch for the plow. I've killed the battery doing it before. Anyway, mine would run OK if the battery was fully charged (it's brand new) and I had NO electrical accessories on. Even the lights. As soon as I turned ANYTHING on it would run like crap or stall.

Maybe that can help you. Let us know.
i have a 1999 foreman 450 that just shut off on me while riding.getting good spark and gas,compression.i did flip it about a couple of hours before it shut off.does anyone have any ideas?
I'm with sparkey on this one, to take it a step further I would check to make sure that the wiring from the kill switch and the key are in good shape and that no critters have chewed on them.
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