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450 shift on the fly

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DOes the 450 have shift on the fly and what year did they start? 2203 ? I know the honda 400AT started in 2004. As well as the Rubicons when did they start that also ? I'm asking because I have a friend who is thinknig of buying a bike and wanted the shift on the fly but unsure which years they started it.

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On the TRX450 the selectable 4wd started in 2002 .. I believe the TRX500FG/FGA started in 2005 ..
when they put the selectable 2 X 4 and 4 X 4, is it shift on the fly or have to go to near stop before switching over? On the 400AT, i can switch over if I am over 20 kph...just wondering if the same applies to the foremans and rubicons.

on my 04 450 I can shift to 4x4 any time the front and rear wheels are close to the same speed. However to go back to 2x4 I have to be almost stopped, under 5mph.
me to ive got to stop completely sometimes
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