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450 pilot screw removal

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I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I have my 2000 450 ES almost running right but it backfires when you let off the gas. I have read that you need to adjust the pilot screw, or clean off the tip, but do you have to take the carb off to do this or can you just unscrew it out, clean it, and screw it back in all the way and back it out 2.5 turns or so?
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the carb doesn't have to be taken off. just use a small screwdrive insert to remove it.
pilot screw

Thanks dirty4man. I removed the screw, used a little carb cleaner on the tip to get the carbon off, screwed it back in and backed it out 2.5 turns. My spark plug had dry carbon build up, so I replaced it with a new one. Is there anything else I should do (or change) before I fire it back up?
just run it and adjust the fuel mixture more if needed. They are usually a little rich from the factory. also make sure you air filter is clean, this will also cause problems.
getting better

I rode it for a while today and it was still backfiring when I left off the gas from mid to full throttle and when I backed off the gas going down a hill. I thought I read on here that I should screw the pilot screw out (I probably read it wrong), but that made it worse. I corrected it and turned it in more and it seems to run better. I think I need one more quarter turn and maybe a new plug when I'm done. Is there a way to tell if I go too lean? I have heard that is worse than too rich.
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