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450 muffler

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anybody have a fairly new stock muffler for the foreman 450? my friends is gettin louder and starting to leak, he needs a new one bad, but dont want an aftermarket one... any suggestions appreciated... oh yea it backfires bad too, i think its because of the muffler to headpipe gasket is gone.....
Thanks guys!!!
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I have two of them in my garage. One is mine which is an 03 & Jennifers
is an 04. I would love to get rid of them.
What year is his Foreman?
i think his is a 03? what ever the first year it is that came with the Traxlok.. but shouldnt any 450 foreman pipe fit? let me know how much you want for one... and this foreman has 4000 miles of nothing but creek, and farm use.. only replaced one front wheel bearing and 1 boot... and the brakes still work flawlessly.. amazing!
Thanks RR
I just priced a new muffler. They want more than a aftermarket exhaust.
That is unreal. Is $60 plus shipping too much? PM me if you want. His should
be a 2002 model. That was the first year of the Traxlok.
Both mufflers are in excellant shape. Either one would fit. I have them in a
box in the garage, so i can't tell which is which now.
I am interested in a muffler for my 00 450ES. I sent an email to you as well.

Thanks, Mike
Here are some pictures of them in the box. I need to clean them up a little
& they will look much better. They've just been sittin' up for a while.
Got mine and installed it yesterday. Appreciate it a bunch. I backed it up with a Benz silencer and it really quietened it down nicely. That is what I was looking for.

Thanks again,
Glad to hear.

Do you still have one of those stock mufflers ? I have a friend that needs one and wants to stay stock. I will call him now.
No. I sold both of them. Sorry.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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