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450 foreman need more shock travel

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Can anyone here recommend a suspension Mod that will give me more shock travel for my 2004 450ES. I love the bike ( although a little more power would be nice) but I do alot of long rides of 70 miles plus, and the stock suspension beats me up. Looking for alternatives to keep me from selling and getting something different. Also, is a pipe and jet kit worth the investment. Is there a big difference in performance or minimal. Thanks.
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Perfex and HL lift

The Perfex kit cannot be used with the HL lift kit or any other lift kit but it can be used with HL lift springs.
QUOTE ("wvyankee2":1d8k3k81)
Got a price on these today.

Works shocks A-T steelers (DRS) Dual rate spring shocks. N2 charged and fully adjustable. Supposed to be as good as it gets for the Foreman. And, at $375.00 a pair for front and rear, they should be. Goin to check prices on the net to see how low I can get them.
Found them for $680.00 for all four shipped to the house. Now all I have to do is fire up that Visa card.
i know this is a old post but i thought that maby i could help here. i was thinking, what about the canada trail rubicon shocks? they might not be the same length but they are adjustable and might be a little less money.
just a thought.
Does anyone know what the factory shock travel specs were on the 04 foreman?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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