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450 foreman front diff

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i bought this honda 2000 used and the first time i tried to check the fluid in front diff it was full of mud.i have flushed it out with all kinds of stuff to clean it it is fairly clean ,but every once in awhile it still sounds like the gears are just grinding in there.does anyone have any suggestions as what i could do to get it sounding better. someone told me to try lower unit grease for an outboard engine,but i am a little scared because i don`t know what the effects are.thanks
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most likely the pinion bearings are shot. If you keep running it you will damage it beyond repair which would not be good. You can get aftermarket bearing/seal kits for around $50-$75. A special socket will be needed to remove the pinion nuts. You can buy one which is not cheap or just make one. Most any atv aftermarket shop should be able to get the bearing kit, ebay has them from time to time.
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