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450 Foreman denting wheel wells on 2006 Ford Ranger.

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I load my 2004 450 into the back of my truck for transporting, and the quad is a little too wide....minor dents in wheel wells.
Does anyone have any pics of a solution (mini ramp, tc...)
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lol my bike has flatend the side of my wheel wells.....
I put a couple 2x6's next to the wheel well, and roll up on those, to get the tires up a little higher, I get a little more room that way
i have the same problem with me nissan, i thought of building some kind of ramp to go over the fender wells.
just buy a 5x8 trailer, you can fix a foreman400 and 2 120qt. ice chest and a trash can on it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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