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450 foreman and hmf?

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I just installed a HMF utility pipe and Uni-filter and have a couple of ?'s

I installed a 135 oem jet, is this correct?

What clip on the needle did you install it on?

How many turns of the a/f screw?

Any thing else i should know would be greatlt appreciated, thnaks
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Put the clip on the last groove (all the way towards the point). Hope this
helps. Good luck.
Almost forgot about the a/f screw. Turn it 2.5 to 3 turns out once screwed
all the way in. I have mine at about 2 & 3/25 turns out. Good luck once
You mean put on the leanest setting on the needle? Was this setup what you used with your snorkel, because i dont have a snorkel yet.
Yes. Dang! You got me there. Now i'm not sure where you need to put the
clip on the needle. Sorry about that. I plumb forgot about the snorkel.
Right now i have on the very top clip, leanest setting. From the factory it was in the middle, and when i first moved it up a notch it seemed to be a little to rich, it had a mild backfire when letting off the throttle. I moved it up to the top setting and seems to run good. It does however have a slight cough in 1st gear and am picking up rpms, but no other gear what could be causing this to happen only in first? I will be purchasing a triangle atv snorkel here soon. So i just need to move the clip to the very bottom of the needle and mess with it from there? or should i go to 138 oem jet?
Stay with a 135 and put your clip on the last notch closest to the point. Since your not running a snorkel it should actually run a little rich and if its bogging a little too much than move the clip one notch up.
There you have it.
So my current set up is ok? I have it on the top notch(furthest from needle tip). Are you saying the last notch when i add a snorkel? Im just got a little confused. So lets see if we are on the same page, the the last notch clost to the sharp point of needle is the richest setting and the notch closest to the seat when installed in the carb is teh leanest setting correct?
Work your way towards the middle position on the needle if your at the top notch(towards the seat).That will lean you out a bit if you think your a tad rich right now.I run a hmf eco-series,twin air and triangle snorkel and like most others i am on the last notch(towards the taper end)with an oem 135.Havent been able to do more than run it up and down the street since install 2 weeks ago but this setup seems fine. Havent found any misses and plug looks good for all the more ive been out.Oh....2 3/4 turns on the a/f is where im at as well.
The last clip towards the seat is not the leanest setting? I thought the notch towards the sharp part of the needle was the richest setting am i wrong?
Sorry,yes....bass ackwards....
_leanest clip setting
_ richest clip setting
Me having it on the top notch close to the seat I should be ok? I have the a/f screw turned out about 2 and 1/2 turns
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