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450 fan on a Fourtrax 300?

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My 300 does not have a fan or oil cooler and sometimes gets too warm. I am thinking about putting a fan on it, like the one on my 450, with a manual switch. Do you think a fan blowing air across the engine head would help?
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Definately. The fan works two ways. First cooling the oil cooler, then blowing air over the cooling fins on the motor. It would help to keep the motor cooler at slower speeds, where the air is not floeing by the motor as much. You can get a fan from an auto parts store too, you just need to find a small one that is sealed against water pretty good.
The only time my 300 got hot was when it was low on oil or it was running to lean. Heat has never really been a factor with mine.
The only time my 300 gets hot is when it is 90 degrees plus outside and I am doing continuous stop and go at very low speed. Even then it seldom happens, but I think a fan that I could switch on under such conditions would add some insurance. I have owned the 1988 300 since it was new and it has been a great machine
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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