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For those that have been pulling hair out-
It took me a month to figure this out, but I am glad to report that I have figured out how to repair my 2004 450ES Speedometer

If you have a 02-04 450 ES model ( 4 indicator lights on top of meter)
or a 99-00 450 ES model ( 3 indicator lights on top of meter)

and your display:

- does not show the gear indicator spot at all (not the gear or --) but the
backwards "L" that goes around the gear position - its just blank

-your miles and hours have reverted to zero and possibly now shows KM now instead of Miles

-your speed shown seems to have almost doubled (possibly KMs per hour even thought it shows Miles)

What has happened is your EEPROM chip on motherboard has lost the programming due to dead battery for
a LONG time or an electrical malfunction etc...

I have borrowed a friends speedometer (a trusting friend) removed the chip from his, copied the data and put it on mine and it reads perfect now.

I can repair and reprogram your speedometer
I can also do 99-2000 450ES speedometers (3 indicator lights on top of meter) but will have to double-check check on the mileage/hours copy I have and let you know to see if you want that

I can also do TRX500FM and FE meters and the older Rancher 350ES meters as well but it has to have the above symptoms and not water damaged-caught on fire cracked LCD etc....

If you have one you want to send to me (just the board with LCD) I can repair it for you for 100.00 or if you have a second speedometer for parts we can barter for 50.00
Shipping would be 6.00-7.00 First Class with tracking or $8.45 for USPS Priority Flat Rate Small box with tracking and 50.00 free insurance
Its not as cheap as I would like it to be but it beats paying 250-400 for a new meter if you can even find one, as most are becoming no longer available and when you find one on ebay it usually needs the Polarizing films and/or reprogramming as well
I will confirm and send pictures to you as well to show you the completed repair
If there is heavy water corrosion, rust etc.. its probably not repairable but I can try if you want -no fix-no pay
If you PM me or whatever we can work it out I am easy and like you all I am always fiddling/learning with wheelers
I think you will be happy and you will have more hair -mine is filling back in...................
Do u still able to fix Honda foreman 450es speedometer?
41 - 42 of 42 Posts