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450 CARB question

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What happens if the little white plastic collar that is in the bottom of the float bowl is not there? I noticed that it is not there, and the bike won't run. I can spray carb cleaner in and it will fire off, but then die. I have soaked the carb in GAS and blew it all out with air and cleaned it good. But to no avail. But I now noticed that the white plastic collar is missing. We had the bike dynoed amd it ran great on the dyno, but the next day we went out to run it and it was dead. So I thought dirt. Now I am thinking the dyno guys screwed up the bike.
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I dont think that little piece would keep it from running though unless it has something to do with keeping the float in a certain place.

Here is the breakdown of it

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 199574.asp</a>

Part # and price- 24: HOLDER, JET
223673-001 $7.56
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