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424 select

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My cousin is looking for one of these. Does anyone know where the cheapest one is?
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we got ours off ebay for around $210 each including shipping.
If you can get it on ebay for that...DO IT !! .. They are running over $300 for this in Cabellas and Dennis Kirk.. Wow, what a price..
just do a search on ebay, there are few different ebay dealers that sell them. here is a link, I dont know what bike u need it for.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... =&saprchi=</a>
thanks i have found for 259.00 but thats the cheapest. Its for an 04 rancher 350
Beats $300.. I have put several of these on and you wont have a problem on the install. You will be SOO happy with it.. In the words of all our hero.. " GET ER DONE "..
229 and free shipping from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
sorry the sale is over it's 249 again now...darn i thought i had a deal for ya.
just go to the ebay link I posted above, it has them all day long for $229 shipped. They have them listed for almost every honda, skim through and pick the one u need. they went up about $20 since the last time we got them.
i have one for sale for 150.00 its for a rubicon though, i dont know if it would fit.
I went ahead and bought the one off of ebay for $229.00. I hope its not to hard to put on. Thanks for all the help
just do exactly what the instructions say to do and you'll get it.they are very thoro imo
I FEEL SO VIOLATED...I shopped around and still got the ole screw-a-roo.. Dang it. Good bargin guys..
that's why i get almost everything from rocky mountain atv.their prices are usually the lowest any where and now they have free shipping deals going on.I'll usually start to shop around but then i see it's pointless sometimes.
Thanks Truckman...I will add that to my favorite places on the computer and keep them in mind..
Here is a link for the $230.00 424 Select on Ebay >>>
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 9335QQrdZ1</a>
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