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420 shifting problems...

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:wacko:My Rancher 420 has a shifting problem, when I open the throttle 2/3 to full it quits shifting. If I keep it 1/3 open and lower it shifts fine. I am mechanically minded but I have no experiance in ATV's.
Please help
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welcome to the forum. is it a ES or S model
Welcome to the forum. Is the display flashing when it goes into safe mode? If so you need to count the number of blinks (there will be 2 sets a fast blink and a slow blink).
it's an ES, I will try. It shows two slow and two fast . What does that mean ?
but when I turn the key off and right back on it shifts fine
When you cycle the key it resets the computer so it will shift fine until it sees a problem again.

You have code 22 which could be the angle sensor giving you problems. Here are the section from the manual. The angle sensor is located at the rear of the motor.

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I have error code 21 on the gear position display, but I don't know where the angle sensor is on my 2012 420 rancher fa
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