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420 Rancher

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I was wondering is the 420 rancher good in the mud,and will it turn 27 outlaws in the thick stuff if you had all the upgrades?
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What kind of upgrades?? It should, I'm running 26" Executions on my 420
with no upgrades and it goes thru some thick gumbo !!!
Hmf pipe,optimizer,K/N are the upgrades that i was referring to.With a 2in lift do you think 28's would fit?
28's would be a close call, your pushing out alot of juice to turn them with all the upgrades!!! The fender lip might rub, but it might not with that 2" lift !!!!
i know there is a guy over on hl that has 30in mudlites on a 420 with a 2 in lift. I dont know him or how it rides/does in the mud. but i guess it means that it is possible.
does anyone make an exhaust and airfilter for the 420
hmf has an exaust. dont know about the air filter but i am sure if they dont yet they are on the way.
was on there website and didnt see one

this is an 07 420

im might call them
i have seen one with it in person. you must consider you will need both the exhaust and the optimizer to re-map the efi. i dont know how this will effect your decision.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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