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420 mods

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I just got my new 420 rancher and i am planning to get some protective gear like bumpers and skids i was wondering what you guys have done to yours post me some pics. ps here are the pics of the new one.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 0/rancher/</a>
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dont get to exited about upgrading....there isnt that much out there.

i replaced the stock tires and rims

added a winch........make sure you get a warn mounting fits

and i added moose bags ...havent found much else
that was what i was afraid of. highlifter has nothing, and all i had found was one aluminum bumper <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and some regular bumpers on ebay.
i was hoping you guys had figured something out. i just really want to keep from getting my bike messed up, skids an bumpers. i might make my own skids cheaper than buying them. ive done some metal work, i dont think it would be a big deal, ive got more time to make it than $$$ to buy it.
well has full engine skid and a-arms from ricochet but there like $180 for engine and $79 for a-arms

there nice but yes i want bumpers and things.
ATV!!!!!!!! Full set up on the 420 skid plates for $ 385.00
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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