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400AT Trany slips

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Has anyone had an issue with the 400AT slipping into neutral on steep hill climbs. This happened on two differrent bikes this weekend on the same hill climb. I have noticed it on mine a couple other times and it makes one very nervous. Both bikes have the same mileage around 3300kms and are stock. Both have had the trans ECM update recall done.
Are they starving of oil ?????
Any suguestions how to get this issue corrected?
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i had this problem recently as well,i changed the oil +problem solved,be sure to put in a quality oil
The oil was just changed on the one unit and about 300kms on the other. Both use only Honda oil and filter.
my buddy has one and it would't shift. The mechanic at the honda dealer told him to put some extra oil in as they shift off of oil pressure. He put an extra half a quart in and now it shifts like new. Just something to think about.
i had this prob before+oil changed it +all ok now
Come to think of it...i recently had the same problem that it wouldnt move on a steep hill and then remembered I had my bike serviced at a Yammie dealer. They said they service all kinds of bikes...guess they're WRONG!! next time use genuine honda oil!

me too

i never had it slip out of gear but i did have an issue where i shifted into gear and gave it gas and nothing didn't go into gear and start moving until i rocked the bike then it literally kicked in.

that happened a few different times. it's been a whie though. hopefully everything is good
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