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400 Rancher?.. Is there an ES?

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A friend is buying a bike. He wants a Rancher for is wife. My wife graduated from a Rancher 400AT to the Foreman 500.. and we were not quite happy about the 400AT because of the torque converter. It seemed to slow it down alot. He is trying to find a 400 4WD but wants one with the stock 4WD - 2WD switch. Do they make this or are we just wishing. The 350 only comes in full time 4WD and you have to add the 424 kit. We are trying to find a 400 with the regular stock switch.. Can someone help?
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they dont make them like that i dont think
The TRX400FA/FG has selectable 4wd ..It doesn't have a torque converter but it does have a hydroststic transmission..

The TRX350FE/FM/TE/TM is full time 4X4 ..
The 400AT is the only 400 with a stock switch for 2wd/4wd. You can get a older 400 and put on an after market switch. You would have to go up to a foreman 500 to get this stock. It's a bigger bike but I don't think she will out grow it. Maybe she should try out a 500 Rubicon out, its the same as the 400AT just bigger with more cc's. Just my $.02.
Gotcha...Thanx for the info. We loved the power of the 400 and it was a bigger bike. Problem was it seemed like it was getting robbed of power from the Hydro...something..something.. The 350 appeared to have more..well.. testicles that the 400. Oh we.. Buy a 350 and put the 424 kit and Git-R-Done. Thanks all for the help.
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