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400 axle & diff/Rubicon axle & diff

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Would one be the same as the other? It from a 2001 Rubi.
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I know the diff would bolt up and work fine. But unsure of the lenght of the rubi axle. They should be the same, but to be sure use the parts diagrams in the other post and verifly part numbers.
I've checked the part numbers they are all different. I'm gonna get a new Axle and ring gear this week. Thx again
Bought a new ring gear and bought a dura blue over sized axle. Got it back together. That tightened things back up!
glad you got it back together. but what do you mean by oversized? I have ran Dura Blue axles, but never heard or seen anything about an oversized axle.
Wish I took a pic b4 I installed it. Its just beefier between the diff splines and the hub splines,Thats what had me sold on one.
ok, I just miss understood what you said. Yes the axle itself is bigger. I ran one in my 250R back in the day. How much difference on price between stock and the dura blue?
The dura blue ran me $220 where the stocker would have been $190. Worth the extra money in my view aslong as it lasts which I imagine it will.The stock ring gear cost me $140. Can't get those in the after market yet. You can for a 300 tho The stock axle isn't really stripped but the splines on the ring gear were buggered.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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